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 Outtakes and a check-in: Matt McGorry

I met Matt in April of 2013, in his small Manhattan apartment—he had been recommended to me by previous subject Jack Perry. He was very friendly, apologizing for the clutter that piled about, and downplaying his involvement in an as-of-yet unreleased Netflix series about life in a women’s prison. 

Not long after Orange is the New Black dropped, Matt became one of my first subjects to ‘blow up.’ He started showing up on fancy red-carpets, my photos showed up in a Buzzfeed article, and his Tumblr post started getting dozens of reblogs. Now that season 2 has brought that number into the hundreds, I figured it was a good time to start doing ‘check-ins’ on my THE FIELD subjects. 

So, aside from his role as Officer Bennett on OITNB, his face has recently been popping up in trailers for How to Get Away With Murder. Here’s hoping the pilot gets picked up (and that it’s good). He’s a great guy who deserves all the luck in the world. 

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My first year film!
A real painful process but really fun too. Thanks to all my friends who gave me the motivation to finish!


I’ve somehow managed to get a really bad cold, so I’m lying inside, blowing my nose every five seconds, and feeling really sorry for myself! Thank god for bad tv, netflix, and the internet


racism didnt end with slavery and sexism didnt end when woman got the right to vote homophobia wont end with equal marriage and transphobia wont end because of bathroom bills when the hell are you ignorant fucks going to realize that the state of the law does not effect the state of society as a whole

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