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these animals are fucking ridiculous i want 14124 of them

this is it this is my favourite post on tumblr

I think if an army of pug puppies were to come at me I would die from happiness

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'Misunderstanding Focus', 27 Quivering Portraits by Nerhol

Nerhol's new exhibition entitled “Portraits (Misunderstanding Focus, Coexistence)”, is featured at SLANT until October 8th.

The portraits from “Misunderstanding Focus” are the result of 200 shots of a single person over 3 minutes. The images are stacked and carved into to reveal the movement of the subject. “Coexistence” expands on the concept of “Misunderstanding Focus”. By stacking and carving into hundreds of layers of mirror-like reflective paper, the reflected image is distorted according to the depth of the layers, and the resulting contorted image becomes the “portrait”.

Nerhol consists of Japanese artists Yoshihisa Tanaka, who “kneads” ideas (kneader=Ner), and Ryuta Iida, who “sculpts” them (sculpt=Hol), with backgrounds in graphic design and fine art. Be sure to check more of their work.